Sajid Abid Professional Boxer

With Jake's superior knowledge and clinical reasoning it has lead to my rapid recovery from injuries. Not only does Jake explain why the injury occurred, but he also anatomically depicts why he has given you the desired exercises. Overall, I would highly suggest JLSports Therapy.

Sajid Abid, Professional Boxer

A month ago I would wake up in the night with excruciating pain which was caused by muscle cramps. I kept going to the doctors to seek an explanation of why this was happening; however, they could not produce anything significant. Upon trying new avenues I came to see Jake. On the initial assessment he clarified why I had the muscle cramps at night and what I could do to prevent them. As a treatment, Jake used massage and stretching techniques to decrease the tightness of my muscles; overall, these were highly effective!. On the whole, Jake is an intellectual individual who takes time out to explain why he is doing certain treatments as well as explaining how the injury can be prevented. I would highly suggest the use of Jake‘s services

Ken Blackshaw, Ex Professional Motorbike Racer

I would have no hesitation in recording that Jake is a valuable asset to any organisation and his skill sets are second to none in this line of work.

Aimie Dennis, Sports Therapist

Jake has been present at Belper rugby for well over 3 months now and has made a valuable impact on myself as well as the team. Currently, I am experiencing severe shin splints which have been caused by the increase in my running regime. Soon as I highlighted to Jake the pain I was experiencing he was quick to create a rehabilitation programme with customised treatments as well as referring me for orthotic insoles. After the first treatment session I felt refreshed and ready for the next treatment session. Jake is an experienced Sports Therapist whose superior advice and knowledge leads to a successful and valuable rehabilitation programmes with a first class educating service on how to prevent the injury reoccurring/ occurring.

Jake Holmes, Concrete Labourer and Recreational Rugby Player

JLSports Therapy is an excellent clinic which has an efficient assessment process which leads to the production of a thorough rehabilitation programme. Furthermore, JLSports Therapy offers compelling and effective advice which leads to astonishing injury rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Faye Dodsley, Art Exhibitionist

I am a regular recreational runner who likes to go on 5-7mile jogs. Later this year I obtained achilles tendinopathy. Jake offered valuable rehabilitation and injury prevention advice which lead to only a month being out of running. On the whole, Jake is a intellectual individual whose services are on an elite level.

Ben Tilson, Recreational Runner

I have been using Jake's impeccable services for regular deep tissue massages for the past 3 months. He gave me great advice on my running technique as well as possible explanations on why my hamstrings and calves were tight. Comprehensively, Jake is an efficient individual who delivers advice and exercises in a way that inspires you to go home and conduct each exercise/ stretch with as much enthusiasm he displays.

Phil Shaw, Recreational Athlete