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JLSports Therapy is a unique and cutting edge clinic in Derbyshire with experience of working with elite athletes including a GB Paralympian athlete, Professional Boxer ...


Sajid Abid, Professional Boxer

With Jake's superior knowledge and clinical reasoning it has lead to my rapid recovery from injuries. Not only does Jake explain why the injury occurred, but he also anatomically depicts why he has given you the desired exercises. Overall, I would highly suggest JLSports Therapy.

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About Jake

Jake is Sports Therapist who graduated from the University of Worcester. In his first year he was given the opportunity to work with a Paralympian GB athlete on a sports therapy basis.



Anterior Ankle Impingement

Anterior ankle impingement is a common injury seen between football players and ballet dancers. Due to the repetitive nature of pile and demi-pile within ballet and striking of a ball within football, the microtrauma ...

The Gleno-humeral Joint

Within the shoulder complex there are 3 joints which synergistically work together to allow for movement which is needed for sporting and generic needs. The joint in the shoulder were ...

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